Breakfast, lunch and dinner: peaches three ways

Olivia Schneider

Last time Mom and Bob visited Nova Scotia, they brought me a basket of Ontario peaches. For as long as I can remember, peaches have been my favourite fruit. I have many August memories of stopping at local produce stands or stores to pick up fresh peaches on the way home from Niagara-on-the-Lake. I think one of Mom’s specialties is spotting roadside produce stands—and convincing the driver we need to stop and get more fresh fruit and veggies.

blog peachesPolishing off baskets of fruit as a family isn’t hard, but for those of us who live alone, it’s not as easy, and I’m definitely guilty of throwing out produce. It’s a terrible habit, so obviously I try not to do it. Usually I restrict my grocery shopping to buying  only a few fruits and veggies at a time. For example, I’ll buy three apples instead of a giant bag. Financially, it’s probably not the best, but it limits waste.

But here I was, with a delicious basket of peaches and a boyfriend who had temporarily decided to stop eating fruit. So I did the only thing that made sense. I ate peaches somewhat obsessively until the basket was empty.

Here are some of my favourite meals from my Peach Week. They’re pretty simple, so I’m going to try to get away with posting three recipes in one post. Is that cheating?

  blog peach smoothie

Breakfast: Peach ginger smoothie

In high school, we used to go to the Queen’s Common Grounds and get bagels and smoothies for lunch. Once I got into university, I realized smoothies are really a full meal in a glass, and not a drink accompaniment. They’re a breakfast favourite for me when I’m running out the door to class, work or the gym. I happen to love smoothies with greens, but I know for some people the concept is a little gross.

1 peach

½ inch fresh ginger

1 to 2 tablespoons hemp seeds

1 tablespoon ground flax

1 handful of spinach

¼ to ½ cup almond milk

Blend well.

blog peach salsa

Lunch: Fish tacos with peach salsa

 I’ve recently fallen in love with fish tacos. My recipe is simple: I just pan-fry white fish with some citrus, and top my tacos with some veggies, homemade salsa and greens. For Peach Week I used haddock, avocado, arugula and peach salsa. The peach salsa was delicious with the fish, but also delicious on its own. I made a second batch, and ate it with corn chips. The salsa recipe was modified from the Love and Lemons blog (

1 peach, diced

1 green onion, diced

½ lime, juiced

Mint or cilantro (I used cilantro with the tacos and mint with the corn chips)

Red pepper flakes to taste

Mix everything in a bowl. The lime juice will keep the peach fresh for at least a day or two.

 blog peach salad

Dinner: Arugula salad with grilled peaches

On the last week of my university internship at CBC radio, we had a cheese expert come on the show. And with him he brought over a dozen types of local cheese. It was the first time I had ever tried blue cheese, and I loved it! I’ve been sticking to pretty mild blue cheeses until I become more adventurous. The one I used for this salad is called King James.


Toasted walnuts

1 peach, cut into segments

Blue cheese

1 tablespoon hemp seeds

Olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

First, I toasted my walnuts on the stovetop in a non-stick pan. After they were toasted, I set them aside. I placed the peach segments cut side down in the same pan. I let one side cook for 2 to 3 minutes then I flipped the peaches to cook the other side. Once the peaches were warm, I put those, the walnuts, the crumbled blue cheese and the hemp seeds on a bed of arugula. I drizzled the salad with olive oil and lightly seasoned it with salt and pepper. I thought about making a more complex dressing, but the peaches were so juicy, I really didn’t need to.

Olivia lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she enjoys making fast-but-good meals on a budget, and exploring new restaurants and recipes.
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    After a good dinner, one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.”

– Oscar Wilde, A Woman of No Importance


11 thoughts on “Breakfast, lunch and dinner: peaches three ways

  1. Peach salsa is such a good idea. I must admit, I almost never purchase peaches but you’ve intrigued me. I’ve been toying with the idea of savory fruit salsa after seeing an interesting cherry salsa recipe.

    I didn’t know about your recent discovery of blue cheese but peach, arugula and blue cheese sounds like the perfect salad!

  2. Love the peaches Olivia! And you make smoothies with peaches and some of my favourite other ingredients.
    Peaches are a favourite fruit and being creative to avoid waste has provided me with a nice repertoire of peachy recipes.
    1)Slow braised chicken w/sweet onion, peppers and peaches. Finish the reduction with a shot of bourbon. You’ll have a southern drawl after this one.
    2)Peach/Green Tomato Relish
    3)Mustard Peaches for Pork or Salmon
    4)Pan Seared and finished w/gin & Honey. Serve over greens w/smoked tuna loin or more gin.

    I’m inspired….need to make peach ketchup this year.

  3. The Mustard Peaches first…..tried to purchase peaches today so I could provide the photo, just like you pros, but they were unacceptable (the peaches). I’m hoping to get some nice ones next week (if it’s not too late). The last three weeks has had me buried in a project for 12-14 hr days and I don’t have any photos of that either because I and I alone, just me, was an entire team for most of it. Stories to come and maybe a shot or two that the official photographer took.

    Mustard Peaches-version 1


    1 basket of ripe but not decomposing peaches (eat 2)
    5 C cider vinegar
    2.5 C fair trade sugar
    1 T salt
    2 tsp green peppercorns
    2 T yellow mustard seeds
    2 T brown or black mustard seeds
    6 allspice berries
    1 ” piece of freshly grated ginger
    a red chili or 2 is optional


    Wash and slice the peaches (I don’t peel them but you can do the hot water bath if you like)
    Combine all but the peaches in a heavy pot and bring to a boil
    Add the peaches and return to a boil and then reduce the heat
    Allow them to bubble away until you have some nice viscosity with the syrup
    Check the cauldron and stir here and there to prevent sticking, especially toward the finish
    Have your sterilized jars ready if you plan to pasteurize (spooning the cooled mix into plastic containers for the freezer works too) or store in a reliable fridge and use within a month

    Serve as a condiment for pork, salmon, chicken, game birds, curries or well flavoured cheeses

  4. Inspired by all this peach talk…We had two baskets going soft fast, so I made a peach-ginger dipping sauce today, adding a few fresh plums, an onion, some fresh ginger, two sweet red peppers, and one small hot red pepper, along with the usual preserving suspects of cider vinegar, sugar, salt and spices. We got eight 250-mL jars, plus enough to use in tonight’s dinner, and the food mill made it a pretty easy job.

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