Brunch for one

By Summer

I’m not a morning egg person. I like eggs many ways, just not for breakfast. From the simple scrambled or poached, to a quick boiled egg on the go, to a more sophisticated clafoutis or frittata. I’ve even served omelettes at a dinner party.

In fact, my friend Etienne recently told me that the best meal he’s had at my place was the time I served omelettes and salad. I had invited him and his brother over to help me finish putting together a large piece of furniture, and I was feeling particularly lazy about what to serve them for dinner. Eggs it was. I think I may have thrown some ham in the omelettes, to make the dish a bit more manly. After all, they had brought power tools. But there it was: all the other dinners I had slaved over, and the omelette was the most memorable.

blog - brunch for 1

One of my favourite ways to eat eggs is in the form of a sort of hash, with whatever I happen to have in the fridge. My latest throw-together brunch involved leftover (rather overcooked) boiled baby potatoes, avocado, tomato, and olives, with a couple of poached eggs on top.

I go through major food phases. Right now, I am addicted to tomatoes, avocados and olives. Throw in some pan-crisped potatoes and freshly poached eggs and you have the perfect Sunday summer brunch.

It’s this easy:

(1) Slice up some leftover potatoes(even leftover mashed potatoes) and root veggies, and fry in a pan with olive oil. Add whatever seasonings you feel like: herbs, smoked paprika, whatever. Don’t forget the salt.

(2) While the veggies are sizzling, poach your eggs.

(3) Root around in the fridge for anything else you want to add: olives, avocado, tomatoes, wilted greens, cheese, salsa…all of the above.

(4) To throw it all together, nest the eggs on top of the refried veggies and tuck around all the other fixings. Season, grab your Bloody Caesar and enjoy.

Summer lives in Switzerland. In her spare time, she is either on her bicycle or in her kitchen.
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After a good dinner, one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.”

– Oscar Wilde, A Woman of No Importance


13 thoughts on “Brunch for one

  1. I want to eat this meal right now! I love eggs with veggies, and I agree with you that they seem to be a crowd-pleaser. One of my favourite egg dishes has long been a Spanish tortilla with olive oil, sherry, onion, eggs, salt and smoked paprika. So simple and so perfect. Of course, as Adrian says, it’s actually scrambled eggs with home fries in one dish, so how can you not love it?

    Make mine a Bloody Mary and I’m there: brunch for two. Anyone else?

  2. Whenever I’m craving a real Spanish tortilla I get one of my real Spanish friends here to make it for me. They’ve taught me how, but somehow theirs always tastes better. I try not to pay too close attention as they’re explaining the process, so that I can ask them to show me again next time 😉 And of course, Spanish tortilla is not a breakfast food, it’s tapas! We should totally do a tapas night next time I’m in Kingston.

    • This is going to sound very precious, but I really do find the unfiltered Spanish olive oil makes a difference in the flavour and quality of the tortilla. (Ahem — I have had to do the detective work on this myself because I don’t have any convenient Spanish friends to make this dish for me.) We usually have it for dinner, but I am all about putting it on a tapas platter whenever you can get here.

  3. “Some sort of hash”……. our usual sync, Summer.For the artist brunch yesterday, I served scrambled eggs w/cheese and a little thrown together ragout of ripe, uh huh, tomatoes, summer squash and green stuff dumped on top. And the companion, a buttery still warm croissant. Someone asked what was for brunch and I responded “egg hash…’ll love it.
    Grab a croissant and sit down. Egg Hash w/sheep feta here and Egg Hash w/aged cheddar over there.” They did! Gotta love the eggs w/fridge treasures!

  4. Looks delicious! Once I made sweet potato cakes with poached eggs, wilted kale and mint basil pesto…kinda the same concept and it was a great! I always had trouble keeping my egg whites attached when I poached eggs, but I recently discovered that if you whisk the water right before you drop the eggs in they keep their form.

      • We need to get my dad to weigh in on the egg poaching thing…he is the Egg Poacher Extraordinaire. Actually, he just makes a mean brunch in general. All those years in the restaurant.

        • Liv, I do something similar and you’re right, it seems to work. I leave the egg out for half an hour (if I think to) then crack it into a ramekin. I create whirlpool with a spatula or whisk then dump the egg in the middle. We need one of those science-oriented family members on here but I think the momentum of the water pushes the egg whites into the middle. I would be curious to hear from the Egg Poacher Extraordinaire!

          (Great recipe Summer, a version of this is often my go-to lunch!… Also in an olive phase, I will add them next time)

  5. “What grows together, goes together” Makes sense the unfiltered Spanish olive oil would be best for technical and taste reasons. I suspect the oil’s sediment and acidity marries well with the egg, onion and potato. And too, a robust chewy oil will shine in this dish. Coarse Food. Anyone want to put together a foods close to the dirt book with me? Authentic food rooted in tradition.

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